2.5 Hour

Single Session

This is available for a one time only purchase as an introduction to the 6-month program. It's a full 2.5 hour phone/Skype audio session so you can experience the process, and if this work resonates for you. Experience the 3-prong approach of the reiki (to clear & energize), the intuition work (to find the subconscious blocks that are holding you back), and the mindset work (to process and release the blocks). Get specific homework for you to begin diving into and releasing these patterns that aren't serving you anymore.

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Mamas in the 

Making Course

A four week class (one per week) that explores the four main areas that doctors aren't covering when it comes to fertility. Learn what's really causing your physical issue, why where you're putting your energy matters, how to release the stressful thoughts perpetuating your condition, and the external factors that can be contributing to your infertility. This is a great beginning for understanding the mindset component of fertility and a great option for those who aren't able to do the 6-month private one-on-one coaching. Click here for more details.

Fertility Fast Track™


A multi-faceted approach to identifying and moving you through your blocks- attending to your mind & spirit, not just your ovaries.


If you've been trying to get pregnant naturally, via IVF or otherwise and it hasn't worked, I can help. If you've been told you or your husband cannot biologically have children, I can help. If you want a child more than anything and are willing to do the work, I can help.

The people signing up for this program are open, driven, want a NON-MEDICAL approach, and know that somewhere deep down they CAN actually do this, they just need some guidance.

Hanna, South Africa

I was told at 40 that even IVF wouldn't work. Thanks to A'ndrea I didn't need it! I am now a mom to a beautiful 1 year old!

Danielle, California

At 43 I was told by fertility specialists I had no chance of getting pregnant because of my AMH & FSH levels. I swear to you, I almost fell off the toilet when I read the test result- PREGNANT. A'ndrea believes in you NO MATTER WHAT and has the confidence & track record to back that stuff up!

Lee, Taiwan

I was 39 years old, never pregnant, endometriosis with only 1.5 ovaries, a blocked tube, and had been through a serious pelvic infection. But I conceived my baby naturally, because A'ndrea helped me to see that birth miracles are not exclusively reserved for women who display the “optimum fertility” conditions.


Why do you require a 6 month commitment?

Through my years of experience I have found that one session does not undo years of yuck. The first session is the tip of the iceberg. And while there can be marked results in the first session like feeling very relaxed, diminished pain, more positivity etc; it doesn't get to the root of the problem. There's a giant part of the iceberg under the water that needs to be addressed and by having the 6 month period to work, we can have time to work on the physical, and process the mental/emotional link to the physical condition. You need time to re-train your brain. Because believe me, your brain will fight you- especially when you get into the deeper stuff and shifting your belief systems. Sometimes that feels uncomfortable and we just want to quit; but with the 6 month program in place and the commitment made, it helps you stay on track to come out the other side. It gives you enough time to do the work and see the results- to give your body time to heal before giving up.

Why do I need YOU?

It took me a long time to realize that I can't do everything myself. As long as I've been in this holistic field, you'd think I'd be able to see all of my own sh-.... er... blocks. But you can't see your own stuff. I have a mentor that keeps me on track as well. She will call me on things that I didn't realize were a problem, but as soon as she does it hits home and I know it's something I need to start working through. You, through no fault of your own, are in the middle of your own stuff, so you need an outside perspective. But not just anyone. Someone who has the training to work with numerous types of infertility as well as guiding you to work through the mental/emotional cause of it. And even if it's hard to wrap your head around that concept right now, if you've tried everything to fix the problem that's keeping you up at night and it isn't working; don't you owe it to yourself to try?

I don't have the time in my schedule- I'm too busy.

Aren't we all? I've been there. That's the great thing about the phone sessions. We work around your schedule and you don't have to GO anywhere. There's no worrying about traffic, parking, making it home in time.  It's done on an agreed schedule based around your availability. Chances are if you're saying you don't have enough time, it means you're not making enough time for YOURSELF. And that needs to change. Believe it or not, it's contributing to the ailment that brought you to me in the first place. You DESERVE this little munchkin. So make time for yourself.

I can't afford it.

Listen, this one I can empathize with. I know that in this economy it's tough to feel like you're throwing money toward something that's not a "necessity". I get it. It's not food, clothing or rent. But I have to tell you that where you are is a reflection of what's going on inside.  We have no problem spending money to buy clothes and gadgets we don't need to fill some void we can't pinpoint. We spend money on  Fertility treatments like IUI which even with insurance can be $400 a pop ($1200 without insurance); and IVF which can be $15-20,000 per round. Not to mention therapy, physical therapy, waaaay too many medications, pain management clinics, the list goes on. And they all treat symptoms. We need to get to the cause- the root. And I can help you do that. Can you put a price on naturally conceiving the baby you THOUGHT you COULDN'T have? (And trust me this is a hell of a lot cheaper than fertility treatments!) Once you achieve this, it ripples out exponentially to all areas of your life. See RESULTS for people who have been through it and got more results than they could imagine. You can do this and I am so excited to guide you there .

DISCLAIMER: All information contained in this website and in A'ndrea's teachings are based on her experiences and those of the clients in her practice.It is shared with the understanding that you must take responsibility for your own health. A'ndrea is not a psychotherapist, psychologist or medical doctor. She will not be diagnosing, prescribing medication and is not advocating foregoing current medical treatment you are receiving. Neither A'ndrea nor her publisher are responsible for decisions you make based on reading the book, information on the website, articles or within coaching. The purpose of this information is to make you aware of where you're putting your energy, why that's important and to offer techniques to move forward through your emotional blocks. You understand that reading the book, purchasing a class or coaching does not guarantee you will become pregnant.

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