Another client is pregnant despite being told by doctors that it was impossible!

January 6, 2016

I got some great news the other day that one of my clients is pregnant! She was told that at age 36 her eggs were too old, of poor quality, and she should consider an egg donor or maybe try IVF. She was disheartened but knew she could do this anyway. She really worked on her positivity and resting her schedule and her body, and tried the DHEA supplement.
* Read up on DHEA before you decide to try it. Wende feels it helped her, but just know that there are side effects, so know the facts before you start any supplement that can have side effects.

Right before Wende was about to go in for fertility treatments, she found out she was pregnant. She knew she could do this and she did. That is a major key in this process. You must KNOW you can do this despite what you're told by doctors, friends or family. YOU must decide. I can help you sort out the other details, but that component must be there.

The ovaries represent the point of creation. So anytime there's low egg count or poor quality of eggs, it's directly tied to our lack of faith in our ability to create. This is often fueled by doctors pumping us with the belief that we are running out of time. We ourselves begin to believe that, and so the egg count goes down. Under the umbrella of Law of Attraction is the Law of PsychoPhysical Response which states that for every thought the body has, the body has a physical or chemical reaction. So if we believe that we are running out of time like sands through the hour glass, then our eggs can diminish faster in number and in quality.

The ovaries are in the area of the Sacral chakra, so activating this area is super important. So things like the below options would be helpful:

  • with a hand on your lower abdomen visualize an orange orb swirling, getting bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter; and invite your baby's energy in. Visualize making it a warm cozy place for her to come in.

  • visualizing the eggs in your ovaries as popcorn. surround them with light and visualize them popping, getting bigger and brighter, and multiplying.

  • do some belief work on "I'm running out of time". Email me to find out how belief work can help you let go of these pervasive thoughts and then the physical condition doesn't need to be there anymore.

  • having a mantra like "I have plenty of eggs" would be great. The more and more you say it, the more it drops into your body. And you're also then calling in positive energy. If you have "plenty of eggs", and all you need is one, then your body can relax. And really- it's true. You have plenty of eggs!

If you have low egg count, or ANY other physical condition related to fertility, KNOW that it can be moved through. It's okay if you don't know how to do it- that's what I'm here for; it's just important that you KNOW you can do it. My heartfelt congratulations to Wende and my wish for you is to know that you're no different. You can do this, mama.
Lots of Love,
PS- Below is a pregnancy pic of my gorgeous client Jamey who is due next month. They are absolutely stunning. I'm so proud of her because she went from not even getting a cycle on her own, to conceiving naturally and having an amazing pregnancy!



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