Fusion Fertility Flash PLUS How positive are you actually being?

January 23, 2016

Hi future mama,

So I am rarely on Twitter, but during that once/month, I often check the suggested friends to see if there are people doing complementary work to my own, or people like yourselves who are open to alternative methods in fertility. And I was surprised to see how many handles/user names are so negative- and they have no idea. I get why- that's how they're feeling at the time- angry, frustrated, overwhelmed (I'm sure some of you can relate), but what they don't realize is that they are continually pulling in that negative energy and are just going to be spinning in that place of lack. Names like: unattainablemomma, gotnosperm, infertileagain, infertilitysuc1, impatientwoman, msinfertile- the list literally goes on forever.
 Sometimes it's hard once we identify with a group- infertility becomes part of our identity. we forget who we are without this "thing". And throughout this journey many times we feel like we are being positive up the wazoo,  
Things like:

  • We've been trying for three years to conceive

  • It's up to god

  • It has to be this month!

  • I hope I don't get my period!

  • I need to be a mother

  • I've gotten tested for everything under the sun!

  • We have sex on all the days we're supposed to!

  • I really hope I'm pregnant by Easter!!

Here's the thing: The Universe doesn't hear what you're saying, it hears what you're feeling. Good old Law of Attraction can't be fooled. Below is what the Universe is actually hearing based on the above statements:

  • We have failed to conceive. it's really hard.

  • I have no power on my own journey

  • If it's not this month, it's not going to happen and I don't know what I'm going to do.

  • I'm looking for my period. I assume it's coming because I am scared to see it. (the universe doesn't hear the "don't" it hears GET and PERIOD)

  • I'm not a mother and afraid I never will be.

  • There's something wrong with my body and other people know more about my body than me.

  • We have to have sex. It's a calculated chore.

  • I'm super attached to winning the lottery by Easter and if it doesn't happen I'll be sent into a shame spiral.

These sound much more depressing, no? That's the actual energy of the original statements. And by the way , it's totally natural and A-OK to feel like that! The journey for many of you has been hard so far, and that's valid. We just want to find a way around that energy so we can move forward. Finding your way around that not-so-positive energy can be tricky. But as I mentioned a couple of issues ago, writing a gratitude list of what IS going right/well, and a list of "It's going to be awesome WHEN_____ happens" ( and feeling into them), are a good way to get your energy out of that spin.
As with the above mentioned twitter handles, a lot of times we're not aware of how we're actually putting ourselves out there. But we can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results- not if we want to move forward. And not everyone is ready to move forward right now- and that's the beauty of their path. But so many women are, which brings me to the FUSION FERTILITY FLASH!

I offer a single introductory session which is offered only once to new clients to experience the triple benefit of the Reiki, Intuition and Mindset Coaching; and to see if the work resonates with them. It's a precursor to the 6 month program. Normally this session is $175, but in honor of the planet alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the Wolf Moon ( the full moon on January 23rd symbolic of having felt thrown to the wolves, and coming back leading the pack); I am offering a 40% savings through Saturday, January 23rd at midnight. You will get a full 90 minute session to launch you forward in time for Valentine's Day ;)

  • Find the major blocks holding you back from conceiving naturally

  • Clear your energy with reiki

  • Tools and tips for you specifically to move forward

  • Find out what you're believing that isn't true and how to turn it around.

  • How to wield the Law of Attraction for your fertility

TWO days only to claim your full 90 minute session at $105- a 40% savings! I'm looking forward to working with you!

Lots of Love,



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