Why you should stop trying right now PLUS: Win a 90 minute session with me!

June 21, 2016

Hi future mama,

There are many nuances to the Law of Attraction, and many ways to apply them in our every day lives- including fertility. According to the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy. So whatever thoughts or beliefs we are sending out, the Universe HAS to respond with a situation that is an energetic match to it. Every time.

So many times we think we are "being positive", but we're actually not. Phrases like "I need to be a mother", or "This IVF cycle HAS to work", "I'm ovulating today, let's make sure we have sex today" might sound positive on paper, but energetically it's a different story. Here's the problem: The Universe doesn't care what you SAY, it hears the energy behind it, and THAT'S the energy it sends back to you. So going back to the thoughts I mentioned:

  • "I need to be a mom"- Whenever we "need" something that means we are scared to death it won't happen. The Universe hears the desperation and lack, and that we feel it won't happen, so it brings more of it "not happening". Instead: "It's gonna be so awesome when I'm a mom. I've got so much to offer our future little one!"

  • "This IVF/IUI cycle HAS to work". That may seem like it's positive, but what the Universe really hears is "If this IVF cycle doesn't work I don't know what I'm going to do". It hears the fear that my life is going to unravel if this doesn't work- and therefore calls in that very situation. Instead: "I'm so ready to be a mom and this IVF/IUI cycle could be the perfect catalyst. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it worked?"

  • "I'm ovulating today. Let's make sure we have sex today". The Universe hears: "We've only got a window of a few hours and we have to both try to not fail or we will miss our only opportunity". As long as you're not bleeding you can get pregnant. I'm serious. Some people ovulate twice, some irregularly, and some only the Universe can explain. My client who just got pregnant this month got pregnant a day or two before her period came. Don't give yourself such strict parameters. Do yourself a favor and plan a date for you partner. Have them plan one for you. Reconnect. Trust that the baby is coming and just BE with your partner.

The same thing happens when we say, "We're trying to get pregnant". It's such a common phrase in our vernacular, we don't really give it a second thought. And after all, we're taught from a young age that the harder you try, the more "worth it" your reward is, or the better off you are. But according to the Law of Attraction where like attracts like, the harder you try......the harder you try. So on an energetic level when you say, "We're trying", or "We've been trying for a year", we are literally bringing more trying- more reasons why it's hard. Don't get me wrong- if your experience has been hard up until this point, it's valid. Honor it. And I feel for you. But now that you know using that phrase is perpetuating the energy, how might you re-frame it so that you're calling in the energy you want?

And THAT ladies is my challenge to you.

Since there isn't a great positive phrase to substitute "trying", I'm having a contest!!! Your mission is simply to come up with the best phrase to substitute "trying".

The winner will win a full 90 minute session with me!!! 

Reply to this email or post on the Facebook page by July 1st. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter. Good luck!

Take this Summer Solstice night and set your intention for what you'd love. KNOW that you can do this. And if you need help getting started,click here.

Until next time mamas,



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