Another client victory! Special delivery coming in February!

June 13, 2016

Hi future mama,

What a cool couple of weeks it's been. I've had my business mentor/feng shui consultant pick new colors for my apartment and I am loving the changes I've already been noticing in terms of career opportunities for my husband and I, to weight loss, to sleeping better, to enhanced intuition.

And best of all, I got some great news on Sunday. One of my clients (and very dear friend) is due in February! She was in a major state of flux about her job. She hated the commute and though the opportunities and money were great, the deal kept getting dragged out and was wearing on her. The problem is that fertility and career are very tied together as I've mentioned before. When your work situation doesn't feel safe, or is stressful, your body goes into the primal fight or flight mode. The problem with your fight or flight being triggered for any length of time is that all unnecessary body functions slow down or shut down so that all energy can go to the necessities like heart, lungs, brain. Your reproductive system isn't a necessity to stay alive, so that's one of the first things to start malfunctioning. I find this especially in cases of unexplained infertility.  If we don't know what's going to happen with our job, if we'll have to move, if we will make enough or if someone else is in control, our brain gets scared and puts our body on lockdown. So we worked on releasing some long held beliefs that she had from various areas of her life- husband, family, boss etc. And then we looked at: what if she didn't need this job. What if she solely worked for herself, or what would really light her up. So she began focusing efforts on building her biz on the side so that if this other deal didn't go through she'd be just as fine on her own. She was surprised how quickly referrals came to her and was really feeling in control of what she was allowing in. Being in this mindset long enough allowed her to come upon a job in her old hometown (which she and her husband had been talking abut moving back to eventually anyway). They just gave her the job which is part time and close to where they'd be living, they'd be back with family (built in babysitters!) and she'd feel safe and in charge of her life. It was a better situation that what she could have dreamt up, and because she was in a state of allowing, it lined up for her. The decision felt SO right to her, there just wasn't even a question. So guess what? Now the body can come out of the low grade fight or flight it's been in, and the body feels safe enough to house a little munchkin! I got the below pic of the positive test with the caption, "I'm due in February! WTF! You were right all along!". Best. Text. Ever.  She was also told that she had  mild PCOS and probably wouldn't be able to get pregnant without IVF. Consider them proven wrong! So congratulations to her. She did a hell of a lot of work, and let go of a lot of crap, and she deserves it!
I'm so proud of her!!


Know that all of you deserve it as well. And by releasing what's not serving you anymore, you can get the same happy news too! Our brains are just scared. Put a warm blanket around your brain and give it some warm milk. What could you do that would make you feel safer, more comfortable? You can't cut corners on this, so really inquire within.

KNOW that you can do this. And if you need help getting started, click here.

Until next time mamas,

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