I tried to control the Northern lights...guess how well that went...

March 21, 2016

Hi future mama,
It's been a little while since my last newsletter, so I want to thank those of you who have recently joined us, and to catch you up on the last month of craziness!
There's been a lot going on, but it's all been good. I was so happy to have my cousin from Finland visit me in NYC. Our families have been writing each other for almost 30 years, but had never met until my husband and I went there last year. So it was great to have here here and to show her around the city. One of the highlights was going to Ellis Island. Our great grandfathers were brothers, so it was cool to go through the halls together where our great-grandparents came through to America.


I also recently found out that one of my articles has been published by Deepak Chopra's site-- The Chopra Center. Click on the image below to read the article.


And most recently, I got to spend 10 days in Norway and Iceland. The fjords in Norway are breathtaking, as are the glacier lakes and geological formations of Iceland. To be surrounded by such raw nature was both amazing and completely grounding as well. I found myself touching chunks of rock whenever I could and just breathing into them. The reason we went in the winter was because the Northern Lights are on our bucket list. My brother and sister-in-law had been the year before and got some amazing shots of the lights, so I was really hoping for our own experience. It's never a guarantee. It has to be a really clear night with no clouds and very little moonlight in order to see them. I just wanted one glimpse of them to make the trip "worth it". And then finally the 3rd night in Iceland, we had just gotten to our cabin B&B and were eating at the little restaurant, when the waitress came in and said," You can see the Aurora if you go now". So we ran outside and there they were- glowing shades of kelly, forest and neon greens, swirling through the sky. I immediately tried to remember and forgot all of the settings my brother showed me on my camera and was feeling rushed and getting frustrated that I wasn't going to get the perfect shot. I distantly hear in the background, my husband saying, "Just put the camera down and take this in. Just look at the lights". And I thought, he's right, but I really want a picture, so I kept trying. He finally put his hand on my shoulder and said, "This is just beautiful. Just take it in". And I did. And It was beautiful. And then it was gone. They normally last an hour but because it was so cloudy, she said they may be stronger later. So I called my brother to get all of the settings and we decided to go outside later. When we did, it was snowing sideways and we knew there was no way we would see them again that night. And as it happens, we didn't for the rest of that trip. But I got to see them for a few minutes, and it would have been less than that honestly, had my husband not given me that gentle reminder to absorb the beauty that's happening now. I'll have that memory forever; I don't need the picture. And it just reminded me of my clients on this journey. We are so concerned with doing everything right, at the right time, waiting for the perfect moment to get what we've been waiting for; and sometimes in the planning and anticipation of it all, we lose the beauty of the moment.



So this is just a gentle reminder to be as present as you can and look at the beauty of what's happening NOW. You're exactly where you're supposed to be, experiencing exactly what you're supposed to be at this moment. So be present for it and learn from it. See if you can see the beauty in exactly where you are, with exactly who you're with. We all need reminders sometimes!


And finally yesterday began Fertility Goddess Day, and tomorrow is the spring equinox. See if you can sent out to the Universe three things that you're grateful are going right in your life; and then send out three things that you'd LOVE ( not what you desperately need or are scared won't happen, but what would you love to come into your existence). What would totally light you up. And feel into it. Rinse and repeat a few times. Give yourself this time.

Until next time mamas,


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