An article I contributed to for Fertility Road Magazine: 60 Ways To Boost Your Fertility And Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

February 2, 2016

My tips are extracted and posted below, but you can view the whole article here:


18. Focus your mind

Fertility coach A’ndrea Blake advises couples to focus on what they want, versus what they don’t. “Be aware of where your energy is. It’s hard not to go to thoughts like ‘I should be pregnant by now’ or ‘It’s not fair’ etc. And it can be hard to think positively. So write an ‘It’s going to be awesome WHEN’ list. For example: ‘It’s going to be awesome when I see the positive sign on the pregnancy test.’ Then close your eyes and feel what that’s going to feel like when that happens; goosebumps, smiling, laughing, chills etc. You can’t trick the Universe by saying you’re being positive, you have to feel it – that’s when things change on a cellular level.”


20. Get a care provider that you LOVE

Unfortunately, too many of us stay with care providers who are exacerbating the problem says A’ndrea Blake. While they don’t purposely phrase things in an insensitive, fear-mongering way, that’s often how it comes out;  “You’re getting too old”, “Let’s go right to IVF”. Unbeknownst to us, we plug into those thoughts and they become part of our belief system; they seem true, but they’re not even our beliefs. And our trust for our own bodies goes right out the window. So build your intuition and connection to your body, trust your judgement and find a care provider who is on ‘team YOU’, not ‘team worst case scenario’.


39. Make a list and check it twice

A’ndrea Blake says: “A lot of our energy is being occupied by things we think ‘should’ have happened by now. But the fact is, if they should have happened, they would have done. So make a list of why it hasn’t been the right time until now- did you move house, change jobs, have health issues etc? Then make a list of why now IS the right time; your job is secure, relationship going well, you’ve finished studying etc. It can help your brain release that energy that’s spinning in ‘should be’ and allows it to move forward to what you want.

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