Tis the season to take a leap!

December 9, 2015


Hey future mama!
I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with good food and good people. Did you start your gratitude list yet? It's really the quickest way to move us toward what we want, because when we're putting out grateful vibes, the Universe has to respond with more things to be grateful for.

I had a wonderful weekend when my best friend and her husband came to visit us from Connecticut. We went to see "Something Rotten" on Broadway, ate at The Palm (our favorite restaurant), and went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. Even though I live in NYC, I still like to see the tree every year. New York is a magical place to be this time of year.

I also attended a home birth last weekend. You may or may not know that I am also a doula and HypnoBirthing™ Practitioner. I was amazed at how reframing some things for the mom-to-be's brain, allowed her to have a calm peaceful birth. For example, instead of "contractions", we say "surges"; and instead of "pushing", we say "breathe the baby down". Those subtleties made all the difference in her birth experience because her brain wasn't being triggered. It sounds crazy, right? That birth doesn't have to be this mammoth, uphill task, and can instead be a peaceful, intimate experience.

And it got me thinking about this fertility work. When we've been on this journey for awhile and it's been our experience that it's not easy to get pregnant; we tend to view the whole thing as mammoth and uphill. And we put more and more sad, heavy energy toward even the idea of getting pregnant. What if there was a way to reframe things for your brain? To retrain it and un-believe the things that are holding your energy back. It's possible, and that's part of what I work on with my clients.

I have 4 of 8 spots remaining for work starting in January. If you've been thinking about trying this work, now is the time to CLICK HERE to book your 20 minute complementary phone call so I can learn about your story and we can discuss what might be some good next steps. Those of you ready to take the leap and commit to moving yourself forward by midnight December 31st, will save $600 and lock in the 2015 prices for work in 2016. Isn't it time to try something new? Wishing you all the best on your journey, and have a magical holiday season!

Lots of love,

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