Something to be thankful for...

November 18, 2015


Hi future mama,
We're coming up on my favorite time of year! I have always loved Thanksgiving since I was a kid despite there being no presents; and despite the Pilgrim and Indian story being completely untrue.  Having an amazing dinner with my family at my parents' farmhouse in Massachusetts always made me feel so warm and happy, and I never really knew why. I think looking back on it, it's because I felt so grounded and grateful to have my family, a fantastic meal and just plugging into the joy of what's going right in my life. And that really does something to your mood when you're in that warm, fuzzy feeling that everything, right now, is ok. Good, even.

Sometimes when we've been on this fertility journey for awhile, it's hard to not be on this one track of "I need the baby, where's the baby, I don't have a baby"; and everything else can kind of fall by the wayside. If you've been on this list long enough, you know a thing or two about the Law of Attraction at this point. Like energy attracts like energy, so whatever we're putting out energetically, we are getting back. So when we're so focused on " I need a baby", or "I should be pregnant by now", the Universe hears " I don't have a baby" and "I'm not pregnant by now, so there's no point". The Universe hears the lack- "I need", "I should", "I don't want". Obviously we don't do this intentionally, but it's one of the most important nuances to understand with L.O.A. It's not enough to say "I'm being positive". The Universe isn't hearing what you're saying, it's hearing the energy you're putting out. And that's where we want to start shifting.

It can be hard sometimes to legitimately feel like everything's just hunky-dory when you've been through the mill of emotions on this journey. It can be too much of an energetic leap for us to make. So an easy way to start closing the gap, is to plug into what you're grateful for; and what better time to start than Thanksgiving? It may seem insignificant, or like "what's the point", but I promise it's one of the most important things you can do. Law of Attraction-wise, if you're putting out grateful energy, the Universe HAS to respond with more things for you to be grateful for. At first the results will be small, but the more you can stay in that grateful place, the more aligned you are with what you're wanting. So this Thanksgiving, make a list of what you're grateful for- what IS going right, so you can get on your way to pulling in the energy you're wanting. List everything from the epic to the minute, and then FEEL into each thing. Feel it in your body how wonderful each thing is. This is when things begin to change on a cellular level. Let me know how it goes!

I'm also excited to let you know that beginning  January 1st, we are launching a newly revamped 6-month Luxe Program! In addition to what's currently offered in the program (Three 90 minute phone sessions, unlimited text/email support), we're adding:

  • Monthly tutorials designed to build your toolkit so that you can have a multi-pronged approach to this journey. 

    • Top 10 stones for fertility

    • Top 5 herbs for fertility

    • Top 5 Bach Flower remedies for fertility

    • Top 10 essential oils for fertility

    •  Visualization release exercise for those clients who’ve had abortions and/or one or more miscarriages to release that

    • What to do if your husband is dealing with male factor infertility

    • Praying, Forcing and Manifesting. What’s the difference?

    • Getting out of the “should”s and “shouldn’t”s trap. If you think something should be or shouldn’t be happening it’s not true. How to investigate that.

    • Affirmations and Mantras. What most people get wrong and how to make them optimally work for you.

    • Miscarriages no More. How to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    • Dealing with Doctors: How to speak to your care providers so that your needs are being met and are not unnecessarily plugging into false programming.

    • The condition is permanent if you believe it is. How to un-believe it.

  •  Monthly meditations for each of the 7 chakras, specifically geared toward fertility. These are an excellent way to work on clearing your own energy on a regular basis. And a great way to energize and stay focused in between our phone sessions.

  • Three 20 minute Necessity Sessions to be used when you need them, if you're dealing with anxiety or anger etc, that can't wait until our next full session. It can be a great way to dissipate some wonky energy so it doesn't compound and take over.

  • Private Facebook group to ask me quick questions and to gain support and accountability from the other amazing women who are my private clients. There's something about being able to share and encourage and  support each other that brings us all up.

  • Access to a private resource page of the library of recordings and files to support you in between sessions.

  • Access to my 4 week Mamas in the Making class.

  • A Fusion Fertility journal to record notes from our sessions, as well as insights and homework.

  • A decadent gift box filled with goodies to aid you in your journey ( I won't spoil the surprise!).

  • A private VIP day with me in New York City!

Whew! I think that's it, but who know what else I may add! Obviously because this is such an increase in content and value, the program price will be increasing substantially. However, if you decide to opt in before December 21st, you'll be eligible for a $600 savings. What an awesome, nourishing way to move your energy forward in the New Year. I will only have 8 spots open for the next 6 months. 
*I will only be offering the current basic program as-is through December 31st. So if you're wanting to get in on the basic program at 2014 prices, make it a holiday gift to yourself.  As of January 1st, only the Luxe program will be offered.
With a 66% success rate of this work compared to the 25-50-% of IVF, you owe it to yourself to try a NON-INVASIVE method that is a fraction of the price of fertility treatments; and something that ripples out to every area of your life- from work to health to relationships.

If you're curious how to get started, click here.
Wishing you all the best on your journey, and a Happy Turkey Day!

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