Another bun is in the oven and my baby coming for Christmas!

November 3, 2015


Hi future mama,
I'm hoping you'll all try the red clover infusion I sent last week. It will do wonders in terms of regulating your hormones and preparing your body to welcome your little munchkin in!
I'm excited to let you know that book I've been working on is off to the editor! I wanted to give women who couldn't work privately with me right now to have a jumping off place to start putting some things into practice, and a guide to begin reframing and redirecting thoughts to get you on your way to mamahood. Obviously it's not the equivalent of working privately with me because it doesn't have the energy and intuitive component, but it will certainly get you on your way. So I'm happy to say that my "baby" is due on this coming Christmas! Stay tuned for "Get Pregnant Naturally: A mind-body guide to getting pregnant, even when you've tried everything". It's coming to a kindle near you!
And I'm beyond excited to announce that my gorgeous client Julie is pregnant! She did some kickass work- processing grief, letting go of anger, pursuing her passion and claiming her worth! She moved on from a toxic relationshipdespite being 40 and not knowing what would happen next; but she knew it was the right thing. Not long after she met a family oriented guy, and poof! Pregnant! It's so clear why it didn't work before. There as so much she needed to clean up and claim- and she had no idea.
This is why this work is so important! To identify and work through the blocks that are causing the physical problem. There's ALWAYS a reason it's not happening. And it's ALWAYS fixable. The quicker we can realize that our body is doing us a solid by letting us know something needs to be worked on; the sooner we can move through it!
If you're curious how to get started, click here.
Wishing you all the best on your journey

PS- See below for gratuitous photo of Baby Otto as a shark <3




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