A non-medical way to regulate your hormones.

October 23, 2015


Hi future mama,
As many of you know, I did an Herbal Apprenticeship this summer. I've been so excited to be making all kinds of stuff from vinegars to tinctures,  from sunscreen and deodorant to nourishing herbal infusions. The latter is what I wanted to talk to you about today.

I've been amazed at the effect that various herbal infusions have had on my body from joint pain, to curing colds to regulating hormones. I'll eventually be doing a class on all of them, but the one I want to talk to you about is Red Clover Infusion. I've been encouraging my private clients to give this a shot, and I really think you'll find it beneficial as well. It's great for any woman, but especially those of you who are dealing with: thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, irregular cycles, heavy cycles, no cycle, low progesterone, low cervical mucous, endometriosis, PCOS etc.

Red Clover Infusion has Phytosterols which work like phytoestrogens without the side effects (like soy). It's excellent for breast health and improving the above conditions. It has ZERO side effects unlike medications and creams; and is considered one of the best herbal fertility allies. Infusions are WAY more beneficial than teas; they contain way more vitamins and minerals. Below is everything you need. I recommend that you make 4 quarts at a time so that you're not making it every day. I am including links for what I would recommend, but feel free to substitute where desired.

Red Clover Infusion:

- Get a glass jar with a cover- like a quart mason jar, or a multi quart  one that can be sealed like this:



- The ounces of herb are directly proportionate to the quarts of water. So if you have a 1 quart jar, you boil one quart of water for 1 oz of herb; 4 quarts of water for 4 oz of herbs etc.  
-You will need to make sure you have a food scale as the herb is fluffy and you can't "eye" the amount. Make sure you get one that has a "TARE" button that will subtract the weight of the bowl.
-When the water comes to a boil, you add the dried herb and stir it in well. Let it boil for a minute and then shut the heat off and move it to the back burner and let it sit for 4-8 hours. Then decant/strain into jar.

- the alternative would be to put an ounce of herb in the 1 quart jar  ( or an ounce of herb for every quart) and pour boiling water to the top and close the jar. Then decant with something like this celestial tea strainer https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/catalog/teas/accessories 

when pouring into a glass. This strainer also works over the mouth of the 4 quart jar to decant.
-Drink 2-3 cups per day.

* tip- because of the tannins in the red clover, adding a PINCH of spearmint leaf ( see link below) PER OUNCE of red clover makes it a lot smoother

Red clover herb:


Spearmint leaf


This is a great way to nourish your body. And maybe think about setting your intention for the infusion as you make it: That it is nourishing and preparing your body for this little munchkin to show up. Drink up! And KNOW that you can do this, mama.
Sending lots of love,
PS- See below for an adorable result of this work. Little Otto is 10 months old and I seriously don't know how I haven't eaten him yet. I'm so glad his mom didn't give up. And I'm so glad YOU haven't! xo.



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