The excitement just keeps on coming!

July 22, 2015

More rockstar clients with some great news!

Hey future mama,
First I want to send a huge congratulations to two of my clients on the birth of their babies! To Jamie on the birth of her twin boys, James and Beau; and to Cristina on the birth of her daughter, Scarlet. I'm so proud of these girls for doing the work and choosing the outcome they wanted. I'm over the moon for them that they now have the little munchkins they've dreamed of. Well done ladies! I was fortunate enough to be in California this past week and was able to visit baby Scarlet which was magical. She had a beautiful, easy birth; and that's because she spent the last nine months connecting to Scarlet and being calm, so that Scarlet was calm. It was a quick labor and much less painful than she thought and she's already read for number 2!
While in California, I went to see my friend and mentor and we had an amazing time. I got to:

  • up-level on some business stuff

  • had some great food



  • listened to live music

  • visited the gorgeous Balboa Park

  • went to a crystal store and got HUGE chunks of Carnelian and Emerald Calcite

  • We went to the beach and did some tarot readings for each other & grounded like nobody's business.

I DON'T do that enough; and this weekend was just a great reminder that I am so much more plugged in to my intuition when I do that, and less likely to be scared off by my pesky brain. It's SO important. So please join me in ramping up your grounding process. Whether it's the beach, a forest, your backyard or a park; try to connect  for a few minutes a day. It's food for the soul. And it's so important when you're trying to get your little munchkin here. It's NECESSARY to be plugged into your intuition which is that "knowing" place versus the brain/ego's analytical "thinking". Our job is to 1) Know that we can do this and 2) get excited about it. It's the Universe's job to figure out the how, when and where. And that's awesome. We get to let go of the nit-picky details that we love to hang onto. And as we know with the Law of Attraction- like attracts like. So if we're putting out "it HAS to happen this month", the Universe hears "It hasn't happened and I'm desperate"; so that's the energy it answers with. So when we can let go of the details of the how/when/where and just KNOW it's going to happen and get truly EXCITED, that's when the Universe can answer with what we actually want.

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