How focusing on the details can actually slow down the munchkin making process.

July 18, 2015


I have been very lucky in meeting my international clients for some reason! My beautiful client from Costa Rica was in town a couple of weeks ago and it was so awesome to finally meet her. We had a nice dinner and chat, she got me some of the chocolates that I loved in Costa Rica when I was there in February; and I completely FORGOT TO TAKE A FREAKING PICTURE! So bummed. Anyway the one picture I did manage to take was at the airport when I was waiting to pick her up:


My first reaction when seeing this sign was, well I AM at Newark Airport and I always get lost in Jersey, so it's only a matter of time... And Ana didn't have roaming on her phone so I had no way of knowing when she was getting in. So after driving around in circles, being chased off by the police every time I tried to pull up into Arrivals, I decided to go plant myself somewhere and trust that I'd know when she got here. That's when I saw this sign, and laughed. I was literally driving around in circles getting myself in a bit of a tizzy worrying: "was I going to miss her? what if she was waiting for me? what if she's delayed? how will I find her?". And I could control absolutely NONE of the above. All I could do was be in the approximate area where I needed to be and let what was going to happen, happen.
So often when we're "trying" to start a family we get really attached to details. We don't do it on purpose, it's a detail oriented world; we can't help it sometimes. But when we get attached to needing to be pregnant THIS month, or we're going to Paris in September, we need to conceive THERE etc; it brings in that desperate, longing energy. And when you put out " I need it to happen this month", the Universe hears "it hasn't happened this month". When we get hooked on details of how and when we're going to get pregnant,it can keep us spinning in the lack energy. It's not our job to know the HOW, WHEN and WHERE it's going to happen.  I know for my Type-A's out there, that's a little tough to swallow. But I promise that it's actually awesome. That's a whooooole bunch of responsibility that we can let go of! So what IS our job? Our job is to be in the excited energy of KNOWING it's going to happen.  The more aligned we are with what we WANT, the easier it is for it to come in.  So let's try to go less for details and more for the FEELING. Feeling it in your body is when things start to change on a cellular level...and that's when your circumstances can change!
If you need some guidance, I'm an email away! All the best on your journey mama. KNOW that you can do this.

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