Another positive pregnancy test!!!

June 17, 2015

Holy crap!

What a great week it's been <3

Hey future mama,

What shenanigans have you been getting up to so far this summer? I hope you're doing something that lights you up.

This week was so awesome! Three awesome things happened that have me over the moon!
First, my cousin, who is the kindest person in the world married his love, Kat. They had a beautiful backyard wedding. The weather was perfect and there was so much love there. It was great to be a part of that. PLUS I got to see my little pork chop nephew, so that was awesome.
Second, I found out that one of my clients who I've been working with for 6 months is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I'll keep you posted on progress but for now, suffice to say that she was a bodybuilder and wasn't even getting a cycle, let alone able to get pregnant! She was dealing with both male and female factor infertility and she f*ing cracked it. Working through her beliefs, and helping her drop into her body so that she's leading from a place of intuition vs her freaked out brain, helped her take her power back.
Despite the insensitive doctors and anxiety she had, she got pregnant a WEEK before starting the IVF cycle her doctors said was necessary for her to conceive. I am SO proud of her. She knew she was supposed to be a mama and she wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that. She did some amazing, deep work and claimed what she wanted.
I'm so thrilled for you J- you deserve it!

And third- I got to meet my beautiful client from Austria on Sunday! We've been working together for 6 months and have such a soul sister bond! She has made some excellent progress and it was so cool to finally meet face to face! We had a great dinner at the Palm and our husbands got along well to boot!


It seems like the more "good things" I notice, the more good things happen. Good old Law of Attraction in full effect. As humans we're awesome at focusing on what we DON'T have. We keep so much energy spinning in "yeah but I don't have _____" or "until I have ______ I can't be happy". And energetically there's no room to move forward. Like energy attracts like energy, so if you can't be happy until you have a baby, there's a whole lot of unhappiness that keeps building and building because the Universe is hearing, I'm not happy and I don't have a baby, so it answers with more of the same.

Now we can't go from frustration and despair to insta-baby. It's too much of a leap.We aren't an energetic match to it. So what CAN we do?
Look at what IS going right already. What you have that you are grateful for. Noticing the little good things that happen and appreciating them attracts more little good things, and then bigger and bigger good things. 
Our fear of what could go wrong often sends us into armor mode- wanting to protect ourselves so we don't get hurt. But the problem is that when our armor is up, it also doesn't let anything IN.
So can we say "I invite in the next step", "So much in my life is going right, this is no exception", or "I deserve and allow amazing experiences into my life".

So go ahead and make that list of what you're grateful for- from the epic to the seemingly mundane. And plug into that. Invite more of it in.


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