Pura Vida!

February 18, 2015


Hello lovelies! Many thanks to those of you who sent messages of love for my nephew earlier this month. Much appreciated!
I am back this week having spent an amazing time in Costa Rica. We went horseback riding in the mountains and on the beach, driving on some crazy hair pin turns, stayed at the Sloth Sanctuary and learned about these amazing creatures- pretty much everything we think about them is wrong! We went zip lining- which- first thing you should know is that I'm not an adrenaline junkie and the idea of this was not on my top 20 list. But I thought, hey, I'll try it, it's just one line. Wrong. It was 13 platforms and once you're in, you're in- there's no going back. I jokingly said to one of the guides on the first platform- "This is going to hold me right?" and he said "I don't know it's my 3rd day" and pushed me off the platform yelling "PURA VIDA!" (literally means pure life, but it carries a little more meaning to it). And I thought well, I have no choice but to trust, I've already leapt. I could only go forward and that was the way, so once I trusted it was actually fun. Most of the zips were through the forest but the last one was almost a mile long and went over a valley so there was NOTHING around you. We had to go in pairs about half way across and as I was saying "oh my god!", the girl in front said "Ay Dios mio!" and then we just laughed and took in the amazing scenery - the mountains, the lush rainforest- just gorgeous. A lot of times it takes making a leap you aren't comfortable with to experience what you never thought possible. As if that wasn't enough- We went hiking to this AMAZING waterfall and the most stunning water I've ever seen. It's where two rivers meet and the chemical reaction of the calcium carbonate and the sulfur forms the most beautiful opaque blue-green. I'm on a mission to find a ring that color. But sonofabitch it was the most challenging hike I've ever done. I have a condition where after 4 flights of stairs, my muscles burn and give out- no matter how conidtioned i am. And this hike was only a couple of miles but all UP. And then down 200 steps to the waterfall and up. And then we were calf deep in mud...MANY times I didn't know if I could complete it and felt bad holding up the rest of the group, and like I SHOULD be able to do better. My husband was super supportive and as I was climbing up the steps I remembered what I always tell my clients: If we think something SHOULD BE or SHOULDN'T BE, it's not true. What's true is WHAT IS. And that's a hard pill to swallow sometimes. So I thought, "I SHOULD  be doing better....why isn't that true?" I shouldn't be doing better because I haven't hiked in ages. I shouldn't be doing better because I have this condition that no matter how much conditioning I do doesn't change it- and it's a great reminder for me to work on the mental cause of why that physical condition was happening. I shouldn't be doing better because I WASN'T. And as soon as I was okay with that, it stopped the wheel spinning of I should, and this is hard, and I can't do it. And then it got easier believe it or not. Something shifted in my brain and I could do it. Mainly because I knew I had to- there was no helicopter coming in to get me out of there ;) But letting go of that judgement on myself actually made it easier. I WANTED  to do this hike knowing it would be challenging because I wanted to see that amazing blue waterfall. But I think my soul wanted me to do it because it knew I would be so challenged and want to give up, but it was time to push through the limiting belief. And it made me think of some of my clients who feel "I should be doing better at this", "I should be pregnant by now", "I can't do this anymore". I totally empathize. Just know that there's a way around it. Your brain is a clever little bugger but there are ways to move past the fear and disappointment and start using your energy to get what you want vs what you don't.
Until next time future mamas,


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