Tis the season to be SELFISH!

December 10, 2014







Hello lovelies! I hope you're all doing well! After my wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, my cherub of a niece gave me, what I can only describe as.... The Plague. It was not pretty. It began with a sore throat and then I woke up with no voice- like- nothing. That had never happened before. Since I couldn't talk, I had to cancel all of my clients for that day and was forced into some self care. Lots of tea with honey, lemon and cinnamon. I of course went back to work the next day....which was a mistake. Cue the Plague-like symptoms. Only then did I take a second to tune in and realize' "OH! DUH! That was the Universe telling me to take a freakin' break already". They literally wouldn't let me SPEAK. And I was still trying to find ways around it because, well- I had clients. And then I realized that since the article came out I have been going NON STOP. I hadn't given myself a break or made myself a priority at all, and so the Universe made the break FOR me. So with the gift-giving of the upcoming holiday season, I've decided to gift myself some self care time. Time when I don't schedule clients, or social events; but instead work on developing my intuition, taking a hot bath with lavender, or the much coveted NAP!
And I'd like to invite you to do the same. As women we are trained from an early age to not put ourselves first. It's selfish, conceited, arrogant etc. "The world doesn't revolve around you". "What makes YOU so special?" We are subconsciously squashed down from pretty early on. And we think people won't like us if we step in to our power and claim what we need. The term "selfish" gets such a bad rap; but I promise you, it's okay to get a little more selfish. We can't ever TRULY experience any perspective other than ourselves- the SELF. And honestly the more plugged in to yourself you are, the more helpful to other people you can be. We so often take care of our spouse, our friends, co-workers, family, volunteering- not to mention that many of our jobs involve taking care of other people- teachers, nurses, or we're responsible for teams of people. And all of these things get more attention than we give to ourselves. We keep depleting ourselves and giving because it's "the right thing to do" and it's "expected of you" and...you don't want to seem selfish. Being selfless isn't as noble as it's cracked up to be. If you're doing it at the expense of your health, or your dreams; we need to do some re-prioritizing. SO join me this holiday season and give yourself a gift. Put yourself first. Take some time for self care. Even if you start with one thing a week.  Make some space for YOU. Because if your brain thinks you have too much going on, it's going to throw up all kinds of barriers around having kids, changing jobs, or whatever it is that you're wanting. Trust me when I tell you that you're not being inconsiderate, or a bitch or whatever else your brain throws at you. You are a woman who is about to claim her space and CHOOSE what she wants in her existence. And to that I say- Full Speed Ahead!









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