Your back pain and what you can do about it

August 14, 2014


Where you feel the pain indicates what issue needs to be worked on

This applies to all chronic pain and dis-ease. The body acts as a kind of map to let us know when something is mentally/emotionally off. And it's not going aaaaaaaaaaaanywhere until you address it. Sure you can mask it with medication or surgery; but honestly it's cheaper and safer to explore and work through thereal cause and watch the pain VANISH.
If you're new to this work, I get that this sounds crazy, but in my many years of this work, I have never seen physical pain that was not due to  emotional pain. And each area of the body corresponds to a different issue. Today we're just going to talk about the back. We're going to divide it into 3 zones: UPPER, MIDDLE and LOWER.
UPPER BACK: Represents emotional support- or lack thereof. When you have upper back problems, you're not feeling emotionally supported. Sometimes that's from family or friends not actively supporting you; and sometimes it's because you have a hard time calling on them for support for various reasons. Explore why you aren't feeling loved and/or supported and how you can rectify it- or your feelings about it.
MIDDLE BACK: Has to do with guilt and hidden stuff "back there". This one can be a little tricky sometimes, because most people do a surface check of what they might be feeling guilty about and it's not always something so obvious or even recent. Some examples of this can be feeling guilty for not being able to help out parents or a close family member in need, making the decision to take a loved one off life support, infidelity, etc. Really sit with this- it's likely something you aren't consciously aware of.
LOWER BACK: Has to do with fear of money, or lack of financial support. A lot of us can get stuck in this paralyzing fear. Either we don't have money and feel like we will never have enough; or we do have it and are scared to death of losing it. Fear of money is a LIFE PATTERN for most people. Most people don't get out of this pattern; hence the "chronic pain". But the good news is that by shifting your thought patterns, you can shift the physical. And while most people can't shift to "everything is awesome" right away, you can start with the really small things  like- I had enough to eat today. I had enough money to put gas in the car. I had enough to go out for a romantic date with my spouse. It was gorgeous out today. The more you're focusing on the positive, the more positive energy you're bringing. The more you focus on "I don't have enough", the more you're bringing that energy. So start now. Lean toward what feels good and choose your life.
I have worked with people who had cancer who do not now; women who were infertile who are not now and people with severe back pain who needed surgery who do NOT now. Many times it's hard to see those deep causes on your own. That's what I'm here for. If you're ready to be pain free, email me for your complimentary 20 minute call to start breaking through your blocks.
You deserve to be well.



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