I'm not good at being pregnant

August 5, 2014



Why your 'Type A' could be contributing to your 'infertility', and how you can turn it around.

In this day and age there's a push for us to achieve more and to do it faster and better; so that you can achieve more and do that faster and better. For those of us who are a little more on the Type A side, this cycle can be a little more intense than the average person. And now more than ever I'm seeing countless women that I know having trouble conceiving. And so far, all the women I've worked with have had a few things in common:1) Over Achievers 2) Demanding jobs 3) Very cerebral- not in touch with their bodies 4) Easily Stressed and 5) Adaptability...or lack thereof.While it's super annoying for people to say "just relax", the baby can't grow in such a tense and worried environment. If you get freaked out, they get freaked out. But it's hard for those of us who are used to being good at just about everything to "not be good" at something women have done for millenia. So  FIRST we need to stop blaming ourselves and SECOND, move from existing in a place of fear, to choosing the life you want.The most important thing to understand is that every physical issue has a mental/emotional cause. ALWAYS. The body serves as a sort of map; so that when something is physically wrong, we know there's some emotional issue we need to be working on. This is actually a good thing because once you realize your thoughts are creating your life, all you need to do is change how you're putting your thoughts out there, and you can change the physical. No condition is permanent, unless you buy into it. I've worked with many women who were stuck in cycles of: I'm a failure, I'm bad at getting pregnant, I'll never get pregnant, I'm just going to have another miscarriage, it's just not biologically possible for me, my husband has male infertility it'll never work... The list goes on. And when you're scared and in resistance, you perpetuate that cycle of "it's never going to happen", drawing more of that negative energy toward you. And this is why it never works for some people. They can't pull themselves out of their thought patterns. I work with women on their specific causes and teach them how to shift their mindset so that they can be choosing and attracting what they WANT into their life vs what they DON'T.  Very often, what we're believing is not true. Do you KNOW you can't get pregnant or that you'll have another miscarriage? No. But the thoughts that swirl around in your head about what COULD be are so scary that it keeps you stuck in this place of fear. While we can't just swing our energy entirely the other way right away, what we can do is start leaning toward small things that feel good, and calm. Like how is it going to feel when you get to register, get your pregnancy pictures taken, decorating her room, feeling her first kick, seeing those eyes look up at you for the first time when they hand her to you. And don't just think it. FEEL it in your body. Thanks to the Law of Attraction, whatever you're putting out there, you're getting back. So start putting into the Universe that this baby is on it's way and you are making space for her. And BELIEVE it. Line your energy up that this baby is coming. That you deserve it. And that you can CHOOSE your reality. It's not delusional or wishful thinking. The mind is SO powerful; it can shift anything. I have worked with clients who had cancer who do NOT now, people who needed back surgery who do NOT now, women who were "infertile", who are NOT now. Give yourself a break. Find ways to connect to your body (yoga, walking in the park etc). Accept that she's coming when you're ready. You can do this. And I would love to show you how.


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