Don't believe everything you think- Byron Katie

May 15, 2014

Let's talk about your brain. That wrinkly, gray mass in your cranium. It has evolved quite a bit since our Neanderthal days, however there is still the brain's innate mission to keep you alive. For you to survive. Flight or flight response? Awesome. Ability to converse? Fab. The brain is super well meaning, but can totally gum up the works when it comes to you trying something new where it doesn't know if you can survive or not. It knows you're doing just fine as you are and it wants to keep you just fine. So when you start getting close to branching out and moving forward to your dreams, it's going to throw all kinds of crazy thoughts at you like "If we break up I won't be able to find someone else to love me" " I might not be a good parent" " I can't support myself doing what I love to do, so I better keep the office job" "I'm going to have to live with back pain for the rest of my life", "I'll never be able to afford that." Do you KNOW any of these are true? No. But there is something in our bodies that is so freaked the fuck out that it shuts down functioning of those areas. And all of a sudden you're so wrapped up in the fear that you don't move forward; and the brain is content, because you are surviving. Part of what I work with my clients on is how to move through that. To identify that the thought is often scarier than what actually IS. It's just a thought and can be changed. And when you're freaked out, to identify it as only a thought and go to "what IS"? Not what "might happen to me".  What you're BELIEVING is often not true, but can impede you from getting what you want.

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