Mind over matter...it's not just a saying!

April 21, 2014

The mind is waaaay more powerful than we realize. Every physical malady is a result of something mental. Always. I know, I know- WHY would you consciously put YOURSELF in pain? Well, that's just it, it's almost always subconscious. And once you acclimate to the concept, the body can serve as an amazing MAP to let you know what's going on consciously or subconsciously that you haven't fully dealt with. No matter how "chronic" your condition is, once you know what body part corresponds with what issue, you can consciosly shift your attention to dealing with it; ergo ridding yourself of the physical pain all without medications and their pesky side effects.

The back alone is broken into 3 areas: Upper back: emotional support, or lack thereof, Middle back: guilt, Lower back: money/financial.

Sometimes you need an objective eye to help you see where you need some work; but in my years of doing this, I've never seen it be wrong.

Email me at Andrea@FusionIntuitive.com if you're ready to do the work, and tell the pain to hit the highway.


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