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Hi there, Mama-in-the-Making!

I’m here to share some fascinating and life-changing secrets below that I’ve discovered after witnessing miraculous success stories each and every day in my private Fertility Practice — where I help women just like you to finally give birth to health, beautiful babies!

Below are some vital insights  every woman needs to know — especially if you’re struggling to get pregnant.  (The information on this page alone has the potential to dramatically change your ability to finally get pregnant.)

So if you:

• Are STRUGGLING to conceive (and are starting to feel like a failure as a woman)

• Are paying a FORTUNE on fertility treatments (that can have very low success rates)

• Have been told by doctors that you CAN’T conceive

• Have been DIAGNOSED with PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids or other conditions

REFUSE to give up — and still believe there’s hope for you to get pregnant

… Then you’ve definitely come to the perfect place!

First, let me share some of my FAVORITE Professional Secrets if you’re struggling to get pregnant:

1. Did You Know That Your THOUGHTS Control Your Fertility?

It’s really true. The mind is EXTREMELY powerful… It can radically change your biochemistry, dramatically shift your hormones, and create profound regenerative healing effects…


Your thoughts can also add stress and wreak havoc, too. (Without you even knowing it.)

While physical issues can be VERY real –– they are ALMOST ALWAYS a manifestation of underlying mental or emotional issues.

And when the REAL core issues are addressed — the physical symptoms diminish, or disappear entirely.

THE PROBLEM IS: Most of the time women aren't aware that their thoughts are even an issue when it comes to fertility.

They often think that they’ve already dealt with a tough situation or past pain… But the reality is: It hasn’t been healed.

And luckily, your body is here to HELP show you what’s still “off” — so you can finally do something about it!

2. The Universe Hears Your ENERGY, Not Your Words.

Here’s what I mean… So many women are out there thinking:

“I really REALLY want a baby!!!! But… if my thoughts are creating my reality – doesn’t that mean I SHOULD BE PREGNANT BY NOW???”

But the truth is: Sometimes no matter how positive a woman may think she’s being, the ENERGY behind her thoughts often comes from a place of fear, stress, desperation or neediness.

According to the Law of Attraction: “Like energy attracts like energy”. So even if you're technically SAYING a positive thing –– if it has a scared, doubting or desperate undertone, THAT ENERGY is what the Universe is actually hearing.

It receives the energetic information that: You really, really, really DON’T have a baby! 

So you (innocently) stay stuck, and spin your wheels – regardless of what diets, pills or treatments you try. 

PS: After hearing that, you might be thinking:

"Oh great… I’m CAUSING this??"

Yes, and no. But not in the way you’re thinking… That perspective of blame and self-punishment does NOTHING helpful. (In fact, it can make things WORSE.)

3. When You’re Aligned.. Your Body Can Create MIRACLES!

I see it every day in my practice: Women just like you — making smart, savvy, strategic shifts to their thoughts, lies, energy and actions…

And… VOILÁ — A Baby!!!

(…Even when the medical community said it was impossible.)

It may be hard to believe, but: on an energetic level you are CREATING everything in your existence — for better or worse. Consciously, or subconsciously.

So, it's actually amazing when you finally discover how POWERFUL you actually are — and how much CONTROL you may have over your own body…

Because if things aren’t going the way you want:

…Now you’ve got the opportunity to CHANGE IT!!!

Change Your Thoughts. Change Your Life.

Change Your FERTILITY.


I'm going to show you how to finally have the pregnancy you’ve dreamed of – AND put those sneaky, hidden blocks to bed.

But first, let me introduce myself…


Meet A’ndrea Reiter, Holistic Fertility Expert, Reiki Master and Author of: How to Get Pregnant Even When You've Tried Everything: A Mind-body Guide to Fertility

Firstly, I’m definitely NOT your typical “Fertility Expert”. Far from it…

While I’ve dedicated my entire career to helping women like you get pregnant – naturally and holistically… I go about it in a rather “unusual” way.

I work with women using a very deep and a very personalized approach – not only helping empower them to transform their thoughts and emotions… but also their entire lives in the process.

I incorporate some of the most powerful mindset tools I’ve come across. And… I also add a little something special to the mix, too.


I’m actually an Intuitive, as well as an Energy Practitioner. And I’ve found that when I combine the mind, body, Spirit AND energy work, that’s when the magic begins!

Here’s just SOME of the amazing results my clients have achieved:

Lee | Taiwan

I was 39 years old, never pregnant, endometriosis with only 1.5 ovaries, a blocked tube, and had been through a serious pelvic infection. But I conceived my baby naturally, because A'ndrea helped me to see that birth miracles are not exclusively reserved for women who display the “optimum fertility” conditions.

C.C | California

We were told we'd never be able to conceive without IVF, I refused to believe that and with A'ndrea's help, we are due in June!

Hannah | South Africa

I was told at 40 that even IVF wouldn't work. Thanks to A'ndrea I didn't need it! I am pregnant and due in July!

And that’s what I want for YOU, too.

Because even though you may be frustrated, feeling stuck, or downright heartbroken that you’re still not pregnant, I NEED you to know 1 important thing:

…You're more powerful than you think.

Discover a Life-Changing Approach to Getting Pregnant… Without Drugs, Doctors or Restrictive Diets!


Welcome to Mamas in the Making™

I’ve designed this exciting program to walk you step-by-step through many of the common factors, insights and issues that smart women like you face when it comes to getting pregnant.

This program is designed to walk you through the core principles I use with all my private clients — the very foundational insights, powerful concepts and vital steps I use to get amazing results for women just like you (regardless of what you’re struggling with) — and sharing the hidden factors and biggest blocks that are keeping women secretly stuck...

So here’s what we’ll cover:


Mamas in the Making


In this first step of your program, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the most common external factors that may have a very surprising link to your current fertility challenges. Then you’ll learn to use these insights to make some dramatic, yet simple, life-changing shifts to boost your body’s fertility factors.

We’ll cover lots of things like:

The Top 15 External Factors that NEGATIVELY Affect Your            
   Reproductive System

3 SIMPLE Shifts to your To-Do List + Daily Schedule that greatly
   Impact Fertility

The 3 Biggest (Hidden) Issues with Your PARTNER  – That May Block
   Your Ability to Have a Baby


In this first step of your program, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the most common external factors that may have a very surprising link to your current fertility challenges. Then you’ll learn to use these insights to make some dramatic, yet simple, life-changing shifts to boost your body’s fertility factors.

We’ll cover lots of things like:

The Top 15 External Factors that NEGATIVELY Affect Your            
   Reproductive System

3 SIMPLE Shifts to your To-Do List + Daily Schedule that greatly
   Impact Fertility

The 3 Biggest (Hidden) Issues with Your PARTNER  – That May Block
   Your Ability to Have a Baby


In this module, I’ll cover the biggest hidden blocks, myths and beliefs secretly keeping women like you from getting pregnant.

After years of experience, there are common factors that most smart women are totally unaware of – that are unfortunately blocking your body’s reproductive capabilities.

You’ll discover:

4 Easy (yet Powerful) Questions That Can Remove ANY Hidden
   Emotional Blocks

My #1 FAVORITE Technique for Releasing Outdated, Hidden Beliefs

My “Secret Weapon” for doing DEEP, lasting Inner-Healing Work –
   Any Time, 24-7


In this module, you’ll begin to unlock your own personal “pregnancy code” — and discover the hidden wisdom found WITHIN your body’s current symptoms or blockages. Your body is actually a beautifully-designed road map – and once you learn to read, interpret and follow it’s signals, you’ll tap into the answers you’ve been looking for.

You’ll learn how to:

Uncover the HIDDEN messages within specific conditions, organs
   and areas of the body

Use my “FERTILITY FORMULA” to turn your body’s “problems” —
   into Solutions!

Get to the ROOT CAUSE of your infertility – so you can finally do
   something about it


In this advanced module, I’ll show you how to work with your own energy and mindset on a much deeper level. Most women are SHOCKED to discover the subconscious, self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns taking place beneath the surface. So I’ll show you how to spot hidden trouble-spots, and what to do about them.  

I’ll show you how to:

Self-Diagnose your HIDDEN blind-spots that may be blocking your fertility


HARNESS, DIRECT and TRANSFORM your energy to get the results you want      most

Use 3 Powerful FERTILITY-BOOSTING Exercises that can lead to huge results

But even with all this content, it gets even BETTER…


Receive these 2 *SPECIAL BONUS GIFTS!*


I’ll share lots of my favorite insights around diet, nutrition, supplements, herbs, teas and tinctures — so you can incorporate these beautiful support tools into your journey. You’ll learn how to fuel your body with INCREASED energy and nutrients — not only to help you GET pregnant, but to also ensure a strong, healthy immune system for you AND your Soon-to-be-Baby!

You’ll discover:

The TOP-10 FOODS to Add (and Subtract!) from your diet to
    help boost your fertility

What SUPPLEMENTS are best for balancing hormones and
   boosting your immunity

My FAVORITE Herbs, Teas and Infusions to support your
   reproductive system


In this special *BONUS* Module you’ll learn exactly how to use essential oils for fertility enhancement.

I’ll share with you which oils are the best for specific issues, health challenges, and mindset adjustments, so you can start using the energy of essential oils as a dramatic added boost to all the other important changes you’re implementing in this program.


Here’s some of what I’ll cover:

•  The science behind essential oils — and why they’re so
    IMPORTANT for fertility

• How to find and select the BEST, HIGH-QUALITY essential oils

The UNIQUE STEPS for using essential oils thru every stage of
   your pregnancy

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Only $297 $797 — thru Dec 11th!

(Save $500!)

Jamey | Washington

In 6 months of working with A'ndrea, I went from not even having a menstrual cycle on my own, to being a little over 5 weeks pregnant! I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in February, and I am over the moon and forever grateful for A'ndrea!

Brooke | Oregon

After a failed IVF cycle at 42 yrs old, I began working with A'ndrea. In 4 months I am 5 weeks pregnant! l love her practicality, humor, intuition and ease…

Sherri | Massachusetts

I'm happy to share that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on January 29th! There is no way I could reach what seemed like an impossible goal without A'ndrea.


let’s make sure this program is the right “fit” for YOU

This class is for you if: 

You want a baby more than anything + know you're meant to be a mother

You’ve been trying to get pregnant – but nothing seems to work

You're thinking about trying expensive medical treatments — or have already tried medical intervention like IUI or IVF 

You've been told you can't have children — due to PCOS, multiple miscarriages, scar tissue, male infertility, etc.

You sense that there’s a deeper underlying that needs to be addressed — and are ready to do whatever it takes to get pregnant

This class is NOT for you if:

You want me to wave a magic wand — and do the work FOR you! 

You don't believe that mindset has anything to do with fertility

You give up at the first signs of adversity — and aren't willing to face your issues, make major lifestyle changes, or do the deep inner work required

You have lost all hope because of past failed attempts to get pregnant 

You don’t believe in energy work, alternative medicine or mind-body approaches to healing

So if you think this program might be the perfect next steps for your pregnancy adventure, I can’t wait for you to join me in this upcoming live training!

I want you to have the amazing results my private clients are getting each and every week…

Because EVERY woman deserves to understand her body, to take back control over her reproductive system, and to realize the incredible healing powers you hold in your very own hands. No matter what you’ve been told, or how “impossible” it may seem…

But first, let’s recap the details of everything you’ll receive in this program:


•  4 Weekly Trainings ($497 Value)

•  MP3 Recordings of all the calls – so you can listen at your leisure!
    ($67 Value)

•  Step by Step Weekly Handouts, Activities + Exercises ($147+ Value)

• BONUS 1: Essential Oils Tutorial ($97 Value)

• BONUS 2: 1-on1 Live mini Q&A call to be scheduled once you complete the course ($97 Value)

Your Price:
$297 $797 — thru Dec11th!

(Save $500!)

Sign Up Now for this *VERY SPECIAL* Introductory Rate — before prices go up next year!

Enroll now!


Just drop us a line at: and we’ll happy to help!

Ana Maria | Costa Rica

I am pregnant at 40 and due in May! This process has been valuable as a tool for not only facing infertility, but also everyday challenges.

Jamie | North Carolina

I knew that she was the real deal...after the first session, I was pregnant with twins!

Masoomeh | Germany

After two months of starting the work I got pregnant! The reward of doing the work with A'ndrea was not only getting pregnant, but learning skills for a happier and more fulfilling life.

So, even if you’ve been told by doctors that you’ll NEVER get pregnant; feel discouraged by family and friends; or think that your unique situation may be “hopeless”…

Do Not EVER Give Up.

I see outright MIRACLES every day in my practice.

And that’s why I want to teach you exactly what I’ve learned over the past few years… so you can become just like the success stories you see on this page –– many of whom were diagnosed with conditions that the entire medical community labeled as “hopeless”, too…

I'm here to tell you that if you are breathing, are willing to do the work… and have a uterus:

You CAN Get Pregnant!

Will it WORK though?!?!?

Can I guarantee that this training is going to get you pregnant? Of course not. 

You and I both know that there are a LOT of factors involved in subjects like this. Plus: I can’t control how much of the personal work you’ll be willing to do along the way.

What I CAN guarantee is that if you apply the principles learned in this class, you will be LIGHTYEARS closer to getting pregnant!

Sometimes we need to make a change- we just don't know what to do. But sometimes just taking a different approach and being in a place of allowing versus hunting- can move mountains. We can shift so much by taking back our power and capability in this situation. If what you're doing hasn't worked, you owe it to yourself to start down a path that's not only new but that will shift all areas of your life and open up opportunities and experiences we haven't been able to access until now.


Your work is going to be in not "forcing" this process but in "allowing" and choosing things that light you up versus scare you. You can do this. I can help.

Always Remember…

You are in control of your body — way more than you think!
In fact, I believe SO MUCH in this work …and in YOU... that I’ve dedicated my entire life and career to helping women like you get pregnant.

So I hope you’ll join me, and discover how to harness your mind and energy — to get what you want… at last.

And though it may challenge some of your previously-held ideas about yourself, your life and your body’s ability to get pregnant — I'm also 100% confident it will go a long way to moving you toward FINALLY having (and holding) the little munchkin of your dreams!

Because No Matter What You’ve Been Through: 

It's possible. You’re Ready. And you CAN do it!

Much love,



Remember: this is a *VERY SPECIAL* Introductory Rate — so jump in now to get the $500+ savings, as well as the bonus gifts— for the first 20 women ONLY! 

Got more questions? Just drop us a line at:
We're happy to help! 

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Only $297 $797 — thru Dec 11th!

Rebecca | California

We got pregnant the first month!.....A'ndrea helped me navigate my anxieties and fears around the transition of pregnancy and preparations for becoming a mother.

Margaret | New York

I went from having trouble conceiving to giving birth to a 9lb 9oz baby boy!

Helen | Georgia

After years of trying to conceive, and fertility treatments not working, I am finally pregnant at 45!!! I am so grateful to A'ndrea for helping me through my battle of infertility. She is truly amazing!

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