When you've tried everything to get pregnant―from eating the right foods to spending thousands on medical treatments―and nothing's worked, it's hard to stay positive. But this book holds the key to success. The mind-body connection, a vastly under-acknowledged and under-studied area in fertility, has helped many women become pregnant. It can help you, too.

Holistic fertility coach A'ndrea Reiter helps you explore the four areas that may be blocking your pregnancy efforts and offers concrete ways to navigate them to create the baby, and the life, you deserve. Her mind-body approach focuses on natural alternatives to invasive and expensive fertility procedures. By changing your thought process, you can change your physical condition and remove the obstacles you thought you couldn't overcome.


"A’ndrea— I needed to tell you— I listened to the podcast you were apart of, and it was just what I needed. I am so thankful that my guides lead me to it, I could cry. This is what I’ve been looking for. I just wanted to share! A couple weeks after finishing your book... we got our first VERY positive pregnancy test ... I am officially 4 weeks along, and we are so excited. My husband and I both started using fertility boosting crystals in December, and I began meditating on a regular basis. Your book helped put things into perspective, as well as helped us realize the ways we were blocking it from happening. I believe all of this played into our success story. 
Thank you again fo
r your amazing work. I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have found you."

-Sara, Minnesota