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October 4 @ 9pm E/T (6pm P/T)

Hello beautiful Mama-to-Be,

Did you know that for most all women, it’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE to get pregnant (even if you think you can’t)?


But let’s face it: if you’re like so many women I talk to every day, you may be struggling to have a baby because:

• You’ve been trying for months… or even YEARS (with 0 success)

• You’ve tried the expensive infertility treatments, but nothing’s worked

• You’re getting older and worried that it may be too late for you

• Your doctor told you that you couldn’t get pregnant

• You’ve been diagnosed with a condition like PCOS, uterine fibroids, etc.

… or a multitude of other frustrating situations.

But I'm here to tell you that there IS hope.

I was told at 40 that even IVF wouldn't work. Thanks to A'ndrea I didn't need it! I am pregnant and due in July!

– Hannah, South Africa

I see it EVERY DAY in my practice: Women just like you... getting pregnant. Even when everyone in the medical world told them they couldn't.

That's why I'm teaching this *TOTALLY FREE* training on Wednesday, October 4th at 9pm E/T (6pm P/T):

On this live training I'll walk you through:

  • My unique 3-Step BABY-MAKING BLUEPRINT - all you need is a uterus!

  • The #1 Issue most doctors totally OVERLOOK when it comes to infertility

  • The 5 SURPRISING steps you must take if you're serious about getting pregnant

  • How to spot the REAL hidden root cause for your current infertility challenges

  • The WORST thing you can do when trying to get pregnant (and what to do instead)

... Plus lots of other juicy baby-making tips and insights!

I'm happy to share that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on January 29th! There is no way I could reach what seemed like an impossible goal without A'ndrea.

– Sherri, Massachusetts

Meet A'ndrea Reiter, Holistic Fertility Expert

A’ndrea Reiter is the founder of Fusion FertilityTM in New York City, and author of "How To Get Pregnant Even When You've Tried Everything: A Mind-Body Guide to Fertility" (being released in 2018). A'ndrea has dedicated her entire career to helping women like you get pregnant – naturally and holistically. She has an extremely unique and personalized approach, which incorporates: holistic practices, energy techniques, intuitive abilities and powerful mindset tools – making a deep and profound impact on the body's natural ability to conceive. She works mostly with women who have been struggling to get pregnant — even if they've been diagnosed with reproductive disorders, have spent countless dollars on infertility treatments, or told by the Western Medical community that they can never have a child. Through her cutting-edge approach, she empowers women to take back control over their fertility – helping women all around the world to FINALLY get pregnant... easily, joyfully and naturally!

I hope you'll join me for this very special never-before-taught training -- where I'll share my secret insights into what makes some women get pregnant, while others can't.


(And I promise you: the answers will definitely surprise you.)

My mission is to help EVERY woman understand: 


I've dedicated my entire life to showing women (just like YOU!) my surprisingly-simple step-by-step formula for how I've taken women who: had PCOS; had spent over $100,000+ on fertility treatments; were already in their late 40's; or had been told by every doctor that they couldn't get pregnant!

And guess what?  ...THEY GOT PREGNANT!!!

I want that for you, too.

So I look forward to seeing you on the live training...

Much love,

P.S. Can't make it live? Don't worry - I'll send you a recording after the training.

P.S.S. Got questions? I'm happy to help:

In 6 months of working with A'ndrea, I went from not even having a menstrual cycle on my own, to being a little over 5 weeks pregnant! I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in February, and I am over the moon and forever grateful for A'ndrea!

–Jamey, Washington

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