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What if I told you that you could get pregnant naturally... even if you've been told you can't?

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A'ndrea Who?

A'ndrea Reiter is a Holistic Fertility Expert, Reiki Master and author with over 20 years experience in the health & wellness industry, specializing in a mind-body approach to fertility. She uses a combo of reiki, intuition and mindset coaching to move women through the emotional and physical blocks impeding them from conceiving naturally. Though based in Los Angeles, she helps women all over the world to achieve their dream of motherhood.

Is this type of work for me?

You have a lot going on and have been on a roller coaster ride, but there are things you can do for your mind and body to get & stay pregnant. Whether you're in your mid-40's, dealing with PCOS, multiple miscarriages, endometriosis, diminished ovarian reserve, or even male infertility; I can show you how to move through your blocks to get you on your way to your munchkin!

Why do I work with women with fertility issues?

When I began this work, I started with chronic pain and cancer patients. When I would work on the body, I would get intuitive "hits" that would let me know what was going on subconsciously with people. And depending where on the body I got the hit, it would tell me in which area of their life they were blocked. There is always a mental/emotional cause to the physical condition. Always. Each area of the body corresponds to a different thing. For example- the lower back has to do with money/financial fears, the knees have to do with flexibility/inability to bend. And once we addressed the mental cause with the mindset coaching, the physical would lessen or disappear.​

So soon I began to notice all these women close to me having fertility issues- my sister-in-law, my best friend, friends from school, etc. They were just coming out of the woodwork. And I knew this same principle of the mental cause to the physical applied to infertility as well. So I began working with my sister-in-law, determined to help her get what she wanted without medical intervention. And I became UBER passionate about helping all of these women because I KNEW they could do it if they did the work and I wanted to help them realize that they could CHOOSE this. And I promise that if you have the necessary anatomy and you're willing to do the work- YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

What makes

me different?

Rare blend of Intuitive and Practical

I am a rare blend of intuitive and practical, or "grounded woo" as we like to call it. Yes we are dealing with energy, yes I get intuitive "hits", but I use and convey it in a very practical and functional way to move you forward so you can get what you want. So for those of you who don't want the medical/therapist route or the super "woo-woo" approach, I might be a good balance for you

My warm, non-medical approach

It can seem like some doctors tend to your ovaries and not YOU. You are not a science experiment. KNOW that you don't need the hormones or meds with side effects to get what you want. I can walk you through how to do it WITHOUT medical intervention. I do also support women who are going through the IVF process who know that they need to move through their emotional blocks to be able to receive this baby. Whether you want to do this naturally or through IVF, you have to have your head in the right place -- and this work helps you get there.

Awareness to Action

The awareness comes from the energy work (clearing blocks & energizing) and intuitive work to find what's going on in the subconscious. Then once we're aware, I use the mindset coaching to actually move you through it. And it happens WAY faster than energy work or therapy on its own.

I have a lighter approach to a heavy topic

This in no way means that I gloss over anything; rather I use humor and levity with an extra helping of empathy to lighten the weight we put on these "heavy" root issues.


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